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	overhanging the Gorges of the Tarn, like a virtual sun, She illuminates their spectacular cliffs, circuses and escarpments.
    Guiding the tourist or the holiday maker in the search of a lodging to look further deep into their Gorges of the Tarn and region visit, this protected species from large causses also plays the barometers.
	  Causses & Gorges
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Discoveries in Lozere

Causses & Gorges
The Country
Le Choucas(The Jackdaw) - Host Rooms «3 épis», MéjeanHotel - restaurant - Studios - Causse of Sauveterre
On the Méjean causse, in full heart of the National Park of the CevennesGîte La Cardabelle, in the heart of Saint Rome de DolanGîte des Rocailles 
 in St Rome de Dolan, close to Gorges du Tarn
   already translatedGîtes of Combelasais 
 near St Rome de Dolan, Gorges of Tarn and AveyronAt 7km from La Malène,
 near Gorges du TarnHotel in mediaeval city of Sévérac le ChâteauGîte for 4 people 
 in heart of Regional Natural Park of Great Causses
   already translatedAt 7km from La Malène,
 near Gorges du TarnHotel - restaurant - Gorges du Tarn - La Malène
   already translatedIn La Malène, on the banks of Tarn, country gîteLe Choucas(The Jackdaw) - Host Rooms «3 épis», MéjeanHotel - restaurant - Studios - Causse of SauveterreThe camp-site of Cassaduc, near Point-Sublime
   already translatedOn the Méjean causse, in full heart of the National Park of the Cevennes
   already translated
Natural-Raid 2007
Living Museum
Living Museum
Gorges of Tarn
Ste Énimie
Le Tour 2005

The boatmen in the StraitsThe Détroits

Magic and mysterious

Tarn's Gorges

Labelled Great Site of France «Grand Site de France» label logo

      From Ispagnac to Le Rozier, the Tarn, with pure and limpid waters, winds down in the bottom of these deep gorges from four to six hundred meters deep, in a prestigious running which makes this classified place one of the most marvellous treasures of the department of Lozere.
      These renowned gorges, you will be able to discover them by small boat or by canoe, according to your leaning for the adventure. They will reserve to you ravishing surprises deploying suddenly in front of your eyes by the brutal turning of Dantesque straits their vertiginous landscapes with the superb escarpments staked out by jagged ledges.
Le Cirque des Baumes       The Tarn was the principal way for the carriage of the goods till the opening to circulation, in 1905, of the current road joining Sainte Enimie to Le Rozier. The tourists, from 1888 to 1905, were conveyed in the Gorges by relays of flat-bottomed small boats. The way of La Malène to the Cirque of the Baumes (8km) is always proposed to the tourists.
La Malène
      The man had arranged the steep slopes of the gorges in terraces, where he cultivated harshly the vine, the walnut tree, the almond tree... From rural migration towards the town and industrial life facility came the invading fallow which tends to spread.

      Many sites such as Ste Énimie, Castelbouc, Saint-Chély-du-Tarn or La Malène contribute with their architectures, their stories and without forgetting their legends, to convey the strong image of the Gorges of the Tarn.

Travelling by Gorges of Tarn :
in Florac :
Holidays Green Station near the gates of the Gorges.
The source of the Peach Tree : resurgence from where waters escape from mountainside.
The old castle of Florac : headquarters of the Cevennes National Park.

in Ispagnac :The La Caze castle
Borough located in the entry of the Gorges of the Tarn.
Beautiful Rebirth houses
XIIth century feudal ruins
Listed monuments : XIIth century romanesque church, monastery of the Ursulines.
  In the vicinity :
The Cham of Bondons, second menhirs concentration in Europe after Carnac.

in Quézac :
XIVth century five arched Gothic bridge which spans the Tarn.
Quézac spring water bottling factory visit.

in Montbrun :
Splendid small village clinged on the Méjean Causse slope and its little museum.

Sainte Énimiein Sainte-Énimie :
Mediaeval city, listed amongst the most beautiful villages of France, in the heart of the Gorges of the Tarn, built in amphitheatre.
XIIth Century Abbay, romanesque church, living museum of "Vieux Logis" (Old Dwelling).
  In the vicinity :
Castel of Prades, ancient fortress towering above the village of Prades
The Castelbouc village and the Farm of Boissets, both overlooking the Tarn.

in La Malène :
With boatmen of La Malène visit heart of Gorges of Tarn Starting point of a descent by small boat of Gorges of the Tarn, from April to October.
  In the vicinity :
La Caze castle, from XVth Century
The Pas de Soucy

View points upon the Gorges of the Tarn from the top of 500 meters cliffs :
the Sublime Point, on Causse of Sauveterre, overlooking the cirque of the Baumes
the Rock of Hourtous on the Méjean Causse

The Détroits The Détroits : straits in the gorges
During 1965 and 2004 issues of stamps about Gorges of Tarn by the French Post.

in Le Rozier :
Borough lying on the exit of the Gorges of the Tarn.
Departure of the Gorges of the Jonte.
In a protected space of Cevennes National Park, vultures in freedom.

The Country
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