The Cardoule, emblem of causse

	overhanging the Gorges of the Tarn, like a virtual sun, She illuminates their spectacular cliffs, circuses and escarpments.
    Guiding the tourist or the holiday maker in the search of a lodging to look further deep into their Gorges of the Tarn and region visit, this protected species from large causses also plays the barometers.
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The Web of Causses and Gorges of Tarn

The Country
Hotel - restaurant - Gorges du Tarn - La Malène
   already translatedIn La Malène, on the banks of Tarn, country gîte
Gîte La Cardabelle, in the heart of Saint Rome de DolanGîte de France just above Sainte Énimie
   already translatedGîte des Rocailles 
 in St Rome de Dolan, close to Gorges du TarnGîtes of Combelasais 
 near St Rome de Dolan, Gorges of Tarn and Aveyron
Natural-Raid 2007
Living Museum
Living Museum
Gorges of Tarn
The Sublime Point
      Privileged place of observation, this exceptional site, with no more judicious appellation, offers an incomparable panorama upon the Gorges of the Tarn and the Cirque of the Baumes. Breath cutting !
Looking at Roc Aiguille and Les Vignes
      Located on Causse of Sauveterre, The Sublime Point is a belvedere which offers to the visitors the show of this marvellous ochre cliffs plunging in emerald waters of the Tarn..
      At foot, that's more than four hundred meters lower, the Tarn makes a right angle curve and this 'fancy' enable visitors to take a look to the lined gorges, and towards the East, and towards the South. Opposite, over the gorges, the abrupt ledges of the Méjean causse give the final look to the character of the scene and complete this splendid painting worthy of the greatest artists.

The Sublime Point, altitude : 870 m
The Cirque des BaumesRoc aiguille
The Cirque des Baumes and the
linked series to the Straits, view from Sublime Point
To the Pas de Soucy and Les Vignes, view from Sublime Point

      « Au dessus des Baumes-Chaudes, au faîte de "la couronne", s'avance "le Point-Sublime", le prince de tous les belvédères du Causse. C'est une sorte de promontoire qui domine le Tarn de 450 m et commande un panorama d'une grandeur incomparable de ce sommet. En effet la vue embrasse les trois grandes merveilles du " Cañon ", à savoir " les Détroits ", " le Cirque des Baumes " et " le Pas de Soucis " »
E-A Martel (Édouard-Alfred. 1859-1938)

Above the Baumes-Chaudes, on the ridge of " the crown ", advances "The Sublime Point", the prince of all the view-points of Causse. It is a kind of headland which dominates the Tarn from 450 m and command a panorama of an incomparable greatness from this top. Indeed the sight take in the three great wonders of the "Cañon", namely "the Straits", "the Cirque of the Baumes" and "the Strait of Soucis"

Towards Les DétroitsThe Cirque of Baumes

Access to is free all the year long.
      Nevertheless the trade and the services proposed ( gifts shop, regional products, bar, snack bar, rapid catering ) are at your disposal from Easter holidays to the All Saints' Day holidays.

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