The Cardoule, emblem of causse

	overhanging the Gorges of the Tarn, like a virtual sun, She illuminates their spectacular cliffs, circuses and escarpments.
    Guiding the tourist or the holiday maker in the search of a lodging to look further deep into their Gorges of the Tarn and region visit, this protected species from large causses also plays the barometers.
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The Web of Causses and Gorges of Tarn

The Country

Malaval's Home     Le Routard Auberge de Pays  ( Country Inn )  
Malaval's Home, restaurant dining-room
Malaval's Home - Hotel Restaurant
Country Gîtes

48500 St Georges de Lévéjac
TEL/FAX : 33 (0)4-66-48-81-07
vacation in October
and from December 20 to January 3.

At 40 km from Millau and from Mende
At 15 km from A75 and from La Canourgue

      At Malaval's Home, you will be accomodated with whole simplicity in a calm and quiet small village, upon the plateau of causse of Sauveterre. The village overlooks the Gorges of the Tarn. Situated at 1500 m from "Point Sublime", which overhangs Gorges of Tarn, you will discover there the Cirque of the Baumes and the majestic linked series of the Straits, jewels of the gorges.

      For the one who discovers the area on foot, St Georges is a halt onto the GR6 before joining Les Vignes down into the bottom of the Gorges or to rejoin La Canourgue, the lozerian Venice, into the Valley of the Lot. Starting from St Georges, you will be able to traverse many hikes and to discover more or less steep various landscapes.

      For the hikers pleasure, many pedestrian paths were marked out in the area and are passing by the village.

The Restaurant :

      The housewife officiates from the ovens where she simmer a family cooking in the tradition of Causse. ( Tripoux [speciality of rolled tripe], conserve of duck...)
During the season of game, there she cooks also the spicy sauce hare and the wild boar stew with an unequalled know-how...
The best reception will be reserved to you and there is no doubt that you will appreciate the talents of the cookeress, the best she-cook-woman of the whole wide world ! Slurp !

      January 13, 2002,
the inn Malaval's Home was seen awarded,
by the Hare Tasters Brotherhood,
with the price

« Grandis Talentum Honorare Lepus »
( very great talent to honour hare ) .

      - menus from 10 to 20 €uros       ( Tariffs2017 )

The rooms :

      To rest, you will be able to choose amongst 7 double rooms with shower and WC.
        - Possibility to install an additional bed.
        - A half board package is proposed to you from a 3 nights stay.

  The Tariffs en 2017, per night per person  
  Rooms     36 €uros  
  Half board in a double room     38 €uros  
  Half board, single person     43 €uros  
  Breakfast     7 €uros  
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      If you need more autonomy, while wishing to benefit from calm of St Georges de Lévéjac village, the owners propose two Country Gîtes to you.

2 Stars2 StarsFurnished hiring for tourism
   2 Stars*- Gîte de « l'Oustalou » * (little house in Langue d'Oc) :

      This apartment for two people keep at your disposal a living room with cooking place and a bedroom.

  The Tariffs 2017 per week  
  middle Season ( from March 11 to April 22 )     260 €uros  
  half Season       ( from April 22 to July 1
and from August 26 to October 28
  260 €uros  
  very high Season ( from July 1 to August 26 )     310 €uros  
Included heating
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Various views of l'Oustalou
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1 StarFurnished hiring for tourism
   1 Star*- Gîte de La Place * :

      This dwelling planned for 4 people has a living room with built-in kitchen and WC at the ground floor. On the upper floor are 2 rooms as well as the shower and other WC.

  The Tariffs 2017 per week  
  middle Season ( from March 11 to April 22 )     360 €uros  
  half Season       ( from April 22 to July 1
and from August 26 to October 28
  360 €uros  
  very high Season ( from July 1 to August 26 )     430 €uros  
Included heating
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Various views of La Place
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      You can enjoy access to the hotel garden, at 20 m from the lodgings.

      In La Canourgue (15 km) or Sévérac le Château (17 km) , you will find all the trade.
      In Le Massegros (6 km) , you will find bakery and small supermarket.

 Activities : 
In addition to the discovery of the Causses and the Gorges of the Tarn, you will be able to continue your usual athletic activities
   tennis in Le Massegros (10 km)
   18 holes golf in La Canourgue (15 km)
   riding (Many, almost everywhere in area)
   swimming pool (15 km)
   canoe-kayak, bathing, down into Gorges of Tarn (11 km)
   numerous walking paths and marked trails
GR trails, Path of Saint Guillem le Désert
bark trips from La Malène (13 km)

Access :

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