The Cardoule, emblem of causse

	overhanging the Gorges of the Tarn, like a virtual sun, She illuminates their spectacular cliffs, circuses and escarpments.
    Guiding the tourist or the holiday maker in the search of a lodging to look further deep into their Gorges of the Tarn and region visit, this protected species from large causses also plays the barometers.
	Cardoule Tradition
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Cardoule Hivernal
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Causses & Gorges
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What to do through area of Causses and Gorges of Tarn ?

Causses & Gorges
The Country
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Gîte de France in Laval du Tarn
Gîte de France in Laval du Tarn
On the Méjean causse, in full heart of the National Park of the Cevennes
Gîte La Cardabelle, in the heart of Saint Rome de Dolan
Natural-Raid 2007
Living Museum
Gorges of Tarn

2nd Raid-Nature

1er Raid-Nature

Tour de France 2005








the same, viewed from the other side !a typical Arch of the domain

an hamlet of the Causses :

The Farm of Boissets

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below photographs are clickable

The house of the earth 
Click for zoom             In altitude from Sainte-Énimie, edging Causse of Sauveterre, The Domain of Boissets accommodate one of the elements of the living museum of causses : The Causses and Gorges of Tarn Interpretation Center.
The house of the water
Click for zoom       The hamlet of Boissets is the typical example of architecture from causses. The separate hamlet buildings have been reorganized in such way that each one present a part about specificity of the region.

      The reached themes are about environment, flora, fauna, country life, sheep, limestone architecture...
      Visit is performed thanks to an audioguidance system and interactive boxes showing many films, documents and testimonies recalling life upon the Causse and life down in the valley.

The Gorges of Tarn, up stream to Florac       From corniche, you can admire the magnificent panorama of Gorges du Tarn. During summertime, animations have been proposed within day and evening.
Gorges of Tarn, down stream to Ste Énimie
            Various Information :

                  Open during 2015 from July 1 to August 31.
                        from 10h30 to 18h30 : 7 days / 7

             Link to the website of association : Le Domaine des Boissets

July-August 2005 : Les Tendelles ( local stone traps for little birds) temporary show
July-August 2006 : ... temporary show

Page Top  Sunday August 7. 2005 Sauveterre Festival Celebration ( Open day )  

The Méchoui in 2004, in La Capelle       This great yearly rendez-vous gather both causses inhabitants and holiday-makers since about fifteen years. Nevertheless it's for the firsty first time in 2005 that this event will occur there in the Boissets.

reminiscences of a hard-working past
    In the programme :
        11h00 Country mass
        12h00 Great Méchoui ( Whole roast sheep barbecue )
                        (13 by people, child less than 10 years 6 )
        15h00 folk group : Les Lavandes du Sauveterre ( the lavenders of S.)         View the photos
        17h30 Mediaeval Fights : La Compagnie Médiévale Burlatine (the mediaeval company B.)         View the photos

    All afternoon long :
        sheepdogs work demonstration
        ewe shearing demonstration
        Show : Landscapes and Patrimony of Lozere
        Petanque Contest, Tombola ...
        Quad Animation

        From 19H on, grill, pancakes, sausages, French fries